Monday, March 26, 2012


When I began collecting cards for real in 1987, I read or was told that for investing, it was wise to buy sealed factory sets. But never open them because they will lose all sorts of value.

So, naturally, I bought a few sets back then with that purpose. I couldn't resist opening my factory '86 Donruss set. I just loved that design and had to crack it open to hold, gawk and express pride over owning the Canseco rookie, one of the baddest players around.

He turned out bad, all right.

One I did keep sealed was the '87 Fleer tin set. I think the reason was the tin itself was awesome. Add the shrink wrap, the gold logo proclaiming: "Commemorative Collectors Tin'' and, well, I thought I had something that would be extremely valuable in 25 years.

It's been 25 years. Few clamor to own this set, let alone pay a king's ransom for it. 

I came across it while cleaning my closet, and I look at it differently now; like, wouldn't this set look good in a binder instead of that jazzy coffin? Also, I've never seen those "limited edition custom coated'' World Series cards. And who leaves a Christmas present unopened anyway?

Of course, I'll need to buy a binder and pages, so there's cost involved. 

After a quarter century, the thought of making a nice profit by re-selling this hermetically sealed card set is pretty much expired. The time has come to enjoy it for what it was made for.

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