Monday, May 14, 2012


I purposely didn't list the inserts from my Thursday night card grab because I was waiting to see if anyone thought it odd.

After hearing crickets chirping on my blog over the weekend, I got my answer. Regardless, here they are and it's probably the last time I'll look or think about them (except for maybe the '87 minis):

I remember watching Fisk take Darcy deep into the night on TV and my mom and I jumping off the couch and cheering. We weren't Sox fans; this had more to do with our dislike for the Reds. Still, it truly was a great moment in time. As an aside, I'd like to know what jag-off first uttered "walk-off'.'' I guess "game-winning'' wasn't cutesy enough. 

All these gold sparkly cards do is distract you from the photos.

This is a reach; I doubt seriously Kimbrel will every be compared to Smoltz. The only thing they'll have in common is they're both right-handed and once pitched for the Braves.

I like these Gold Standard cards. Seaver in the beer league softball White Sox threads. Cool.

This Gold Futures card is OK, I guess. A player's uniform number should never be on the front of a card.

My first DiMaggio card out of a pack. If this was only 1940 ...

I like '87 Topps and think these mini tributes work.

This Golden Moment of Gonzalez setting a Red Sox record for most first-half hits seems much ado about nothing.

Red bordered cards? For the love of God ...

I ran the code through the Topps website and got a coin. Maybe next time I'll get The Quan.

Not really impressed with these inserts, but I'm not an insert  collector. I'd rather just have more base cards.


  1. I remember hearing that Dennis Eckersley was the one who is credited with starting the phrase "walk-off", but after the all powerful google search and super-reliable wikipedia entry, it seems like it was originally meant as a derogatory term, when all the pitcher can do is walk off the field.

    I feel like a crazy person for commenting on a blog post five months after it was written, but I just found your blog, and i like it. And now you know how eventful my Saturday nights are.

    1. Glad to provide you with some Saturday night entertainment and please come back. But next Saturday night, unplug your computer and get out and party!

    2. Thanks! However, with a 20 month old daughter and a pregnant wife, I have to do all of my weekend partying a little earlier than most. But trust me, Saturday from 4:00 PM -7:00 PM is off the chain.