Monday, May 7, 2012


I believe in having and executing plans. I don't like surprises and don't usually react well to them. All of these character traits/ticks came to the forefront at Saturday's monthly card show.

My plan was to hit my favorite vintage singles dealer hard for '73 high-numbers and begin a push to complete my '78 starter set. Afterward, I'd leisurely check out the rest of the show.

Then I got the biggest surprise of the week when I saw he wasn't there. He has a website and his show calendar had him there. I'm not sure why he wasn't.

I must have looked like an abandoned puppy searching for its mom, circling around dejectedly.

My reaction was to get all pissy and basically cop the attitude that nothing else was worth buying, rationalizing that I wanted to spend money on adding to those two sets and nothing else.

I managed to briefly refocus. So what did I come away with? A 100-count box of Ultra Pro sheets. Super-duper awesome, huh?

Also, I knew beforehand my favorite dealer wasn't going to be back in town until September, further souring my mood. Finishing the '73 set this year was a goal, and when I set goals, I develop tunnel vision. And I don't see the forest for the trees.

Now that I've had more than 24 hours to reflect, I'm depressed I reacted that way. I really look forward to this show and just wished I'd regrouped, took a breath, maybe left for a half hour and came back refocused on just looking around like a wide-eyed new collector without a want-list.

Being organized and having a plan works most days, especially when it comes to your job. Collecting cards is not a job.

Maybe it's time to develop another want-list. 

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  1. If I can't find anything I want I usually buy supplies so you could make that a list of sorts-find the best deals on supplies at a show.