Friday, May 18, 2012


As I get older, I'm more sensitive to what I can do vs. what I used to be able to do. So when I see older professional athletes continue to play, I cheer. 

While most of you know about the exploits of Jamie Moyer, 49, did you know last night shortstop Omar Vizquel, 45, and reliver Darren Oliver, 41, were in the game at the same time for the Blue Jays?

And it wasn't some sort of old-timer's day event. 

Combined they have 43 major-league seasons and played for 13 teams. Then in the eighth inning, with Oliver pitching, Vizquel robbed the Yankees' Robinson Cano, 29, with a catch of a liner.

Makes me want to turn back the clock and resume collecting baseball cards. Wait a minute, I already do that. Maybe I'm not that old after all.

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