Monday, September 24, 2012


When beginning to collect for real in 1987, I wanted a current year's set, "invest'' in some sure things like Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry and focus on vintage cards. 

And my first was this '68 Topps Al Kaline purchased at Bob's Baseball Cards.

You never forget your first.

It was the first time I'd seen a '68. Many don't care for the design, but when I laid eyes on it, I had to have it.

I thought it was in perfect condition, but Bob proceeded to explain it was in excellent condition, showing some corner wear. A friend of his was in the store and he was asked his opinion. He agreed. I was more than convinced, and I owned the card for a couple of bucks.

I took it home and researched Kaline, finding out he was from Baltimore, where my mom was from. Cool. Then there's the card back and those multiple towers of Hall of Fame statistics.

Kept that card on the nightstand for a couple of weeks and devoured it before sleep. When looking at it, I traveled back in time. I'm surprised I didn't dream of Kaline or the '68 race riots. 

It's a practice I continue to this day after buying a vintage card. Some read books or magazines or say their prayers before bed; I often look at baseball cards. 

Anyway, the Kaline holds a special place in the collection, my cornerstone bedside card.

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  1. I take cards with me to work. Sometimes I'll show people, sometimes they're just sort of for good luck (though I really don't believe in that-- maybe for comfort.) Love the Kaline and that the Topps writer used exclamation points at the end of consecutive sentences!