Monday, October 1, 2012


What a great baseball image, a manly man card with a touch of nostalgia for when the game was more sport and less entertainment. 

For starters, this is one fine portrait of the rugged Gorman Thomas, for whom the life of me couldn't picture as a center fielder. He looked like the prototypical DH/first baseman and hit like one, leading the AL in homers from 1978-'83 with 197. Mickey Rivers he wasn't. But he had good range and a great arm until undergoing rotator cuff surgery in '84.

And it's taken from inside the dugout, probably in spring training. With the chain-link fence serving as a lattice, Thomas confesses his devotion to the game.

OK, I'm reaching. But card No. 135 taps something deep in me.

Enjoy it as well.

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