Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Trick: SP cards.

Treat: Getting an SP card in a pack.

Trick: Card sharks.

Treat: Card shows.

Trick: Griping about _____.

Treat: Loving what you love.

Trick: eBay.

Trick: 2012 Topps Museum Collection.

Treat: 1975 Topps.

Trick: Getting Ted Williams' autograph.

Treat: Looking at Ted Williams' autograph years later.

Trick: Three-card packs.

Treat: 100-card Jumbo packs.

Trick: A half-completed set.

Treat: Sliding that last card into place that completes a set.

Trick: Going to Target for cards.

Treat: Going to the neighborhood card shop for cards.

Trick: Chrome cards.

Treat: Action Packed cards.

Trick: Mint '12 Topps cards.

Treat: Very Good '49 Bowman cards.

Trick: Egraphs.

Treat: Players signing along a foul line.

Trick: Studying card values.

Treat: Studying the back of any '60s or '70s Hank Aaron card.

Trick: Graded cards.

Treat: Ungraded cards.

Trick: Barry Bonds.

Trick: A wife who thinks your little hobby is stupid.

Treat: A wife who enjoys your little hobby right along with you.

Trick: No money to buy cards.

Treat: Credit cards.

Trick: Roger Clemens.

Treat: Sandy Koufax.

Trick: '00 cards.

Treat: '50s cards.

Trick: This hobby of ours.

Treat: This hobby of ours.