Monday, November 5, 2012


You know you're sick when getting a great deal on some cards fails to brighten your spirit. It's Sunday night, and I'm still feeling like the floor of a taxicab. So this will be kept short.

I began coming down with a virus Friday and felt worse Saturday morning. But there was a big community-wide garage sale nearby that my wife and I had been planning to check out. I made myself go. On one of the first stops, we met a resident who was a comic book/card dealer, thinning out his stock of cards. He had mainly basketball and football, all graded, but he did have some baseball cards that he brought out of his house to show me.

And a few of those had my name on them. Let's start with the PSA 7 1964 Brooks Robinson. Been wanting one of these for a long time, but never could find one in the grade and price to my liking.

This was the first graded card I've ever purchased. I'm not a fan of grading services. I don't like the premium markup they carry. But the the deal he made me on Brooksie and the other graded and non-graded cards was too good to pass.

The other eight cards, as you see, were pretty cool as well. All told, I paid $58 and was happy I forced myself out of bed. Which is from where I type this. Which is from where I will be spending even more time this evening. The cards are on my bedside table, and I'm hoping to eventually enjoy them when I begin feeling better.

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  1. The Snyder and Brock cards are outstanding. I def need to track down a copy of that Duke card, for sure.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!