Friday, November 30, 2012


Sports Illustrated did a story on Broderick Perkins in June 1981 when he was in the top-10 in hitting in the NL. In it, he said he loved to practice swing in front of a mirror.

He never let defense interfere with batting practice, and card No. 593 captures him working his craft.

The gold jersey and hat panel make the image jump off the cardboard. Notice, too, how the bat angle forms with part of the cage to frame Perkins in a half-diamond. Judging from the photo, I'd say he was neatnik. (Check out that facial hair.) Pine tar was considered an odious substance, I'll bet.

And then there's that yellow-tinged lumber, especially the grain. Probably bonded with his sticks the way chefs do with their knives.

Perkins ended up hitting .280 with two homers and 40 RBI in '81. He got more playing time the following year, getting into 125 games and putting up .271/2/34 numbers.

I think if Perkins saw this reflection in the mirror, he'd like it.

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