Monday, November 12, 2012


I've been wanting to check out this little 10-table show in Deerfield Beach that's held every second Saturday of the month. Finally I did and walked away with my greatest one-day card grab ever.

It took me longer to scan these cards than it did finding them.

Repeat, there were only 10 tables, so expectations were as low as that last pickle in the jar. I was hoping to run down the two remaining Topps Archives SPs and maybe a few of the reprints. Struck out looking there but went yard on some clean vintage from two dealers.

Best part about the dozen-card score was adding some players not previously part of my collection. I'm most pleased with the 1956 Topps Enos Slaughter, my first '56. Well, that's not entirely true. I used to have a '56 Ernie Banks, but I gave it away. I'll tell that story if I'm able to buy another. 

The Country card was just the beginning. I finally secured a Curt Flood, known more for sacrificing his career in an unsuccessful fight against the reserve clause than being one of the top center fielders of his era.

Ditto on the Mathews, a 500-home-run-club titan; Maury Wills, the fast-cat predecessor to Lou Brock and Rickey Henderson; Casey Stengel, manager of seven World Series winners and the only human bilingual in English and Stengelese; and Denny McLain, lone member of the 30-game winner/convicted embezzler club. 

I snapped up my second Banks card and then there's that Graig Nettles rookie that I've never managed to acquire. I almost passed on Boog (that dinged bottom right corner bugged me), but then an inner voice said, "It's a Boog card you don't have, dummy! and I threw it into the pile.

I even addressed a couple sets, moving two cards closer to finishing '77 and one card closer on '79. I really like that Dale Murphy because it's his first solo card.

I spent $65, or $35 less than what I was thinking about dumping on the controversial Heritage High Numbers set from Topps. I'll feature several of my new cards in the coming weeks.

Speaking of limited-edition sealed sets, I did get one included in my haul, No. 23,572 of 50,000. I'll crack it open and show it off this week. No hints but maybe an autographed card is involved.

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  1. That is the best Casey Stengel card ever. It perfectly captures him in the midst of spewing some sort of nonsensical theory regarding hitting, pitching or space travel.