Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The Cardboard Examiner officially turns 1 today, so it's no longer a rookie in the card blog game. If it were an actual player, I'd say it was mostly consistent, hitting .271 with 14 homers, 40 RBI and one gold Topps All-Star Rookie trophy.*

In other words, it mirrored Joe Morgan's rookie year from 1965. That sounds about right.

It's been a fun first year, with the blog providing an outlet to write about my beloved picture cards, autographs and recount some memories of youth. It's even been cathartic at times.

I hope some of you have enjoyed looking at cards of the past and learning a little about the players. Maybe even a few have been mildly entertained by my observations and recollections. For the followers who have spent time reading and commenting, thank you.

New features will be coming in the new year as I pledge to add content regularly to hopefully pique your interest.  

Here's to a prosperous 2013: May all your cards be vintage, with sharp corners, perfect centering and come from the bottom of dime boxes.

*When you have a blog, you can give yourself an award, even if you haven't earned it. That All-Star Rookie trophy does kind of look cool.


  1. You certainly have earned that rookie trophy, sir! I'm glad to have discovered your blog and I look forward to enjoying it throughout the new year...

  2. That trophy is so much cooler than the golden bowls of the 80's.

    Well done, sir.