Monday, January 7, 2013


This new feature will showcase some of the interesting faces on baseball cards. Some mug shots are really portraits and not necessarily boring. Come see what I'm talking about.

I'll refrain from saying Yogi Berra here has a kisser only a mother could love. 

I won't crack that he's facially challenged or a two-bagger.

If you think you can get me to blurt he has a mug to bust a clock and permanently straighten the cuckoo's spring, forget it. Won't go there.

I will say this is a face that launched a thousand pennants (14, actually). Yogi always had a good head on his shoulders, just no neck. Then there's the schnoz, permanently bent out of shape when Jackie stole home in the '55 Series. 

I've always adored this card. I was lucky enough to add it to my woefully tiny Berra collection at a card show Saturday. Arguably the greatest catcher in baseball history, Berra's work behind the plate was exquisite, his skill with the bat resplendent. 

His '64 Topps card, a 10.

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