Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Like the fan in the bleachers who stands without thinking when the wave starts, I rose with everyone else and went to Walmart tonight to buy some 2013 Topps Baseball cards.

I bought a hanging box, a rack pack and a 12-card pack. Here's what I got in that 12-pack and then a few comments:

  • I like the base-card design a lot. I think it's one of Topps' better efforts in a long time.
  • The backs are sort of bland, similar to last year, but the Career Chase blurb is excellent. I had no idea how close a lot of players are to breaking some of the game's most hallowed records. 
  • Not sure why Topps decided on making Prince Fielder the poster boy for Series I. I would've thought teammate and Triple Crown winner/AL MVP Miguel Cabrera or MVP runner-up Mike Trout would have been more appropriate.
  • Speaking of Cabrera, I think Topps missed a great chance to create a special subset by not featuring him on the first four cards. Topps has done this before to honor historic achievements: in '74 with Hank Aaron (home run record), in '86 with Pete Rose (hits record) and in '90 with Nolan Ryan (strikeout record). 
  • I could've envisioned No. 1 being a specially designed card with a regular back, like Aaron's No. 1 '74 card. The next three cards could've detailed him winning the batting, home run and RBI titles.
  • Still, it's hard to criticize too much. The cards look impressive in your hands, and I'll be aiming to build the base set and maybe some inserts, specifically the '72 minis.
  • Anybody need a trading partner?

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