Monday, February 4, 2013


I've been known to indulge on vintage cards from time to time when presented the right deal.

That happened Saturday at the monthly show in Dania Beach, Fla.

For the price of the 2012 Topps Heritage High Number set, I bought eight cards for $100. For $12.50 a card, I got:

John Bucci of J & J Timeout Sports Cards did me right, which was not unusual. I grab a few cards from his bargain boxes each month at nice discounts. His glass cases feature vintage crisper than a military uniform hanging in a closet. That's where I spotted the '55 Ernie Banks ($55) and '68 Rod Carew ($25). The rest I pulled from his bargain bins, the contents of which are good enough to be in many other dealers' showcases. 

I'm thrilled to have these second-year cards of those two first-ballot Hall of Famers. A couple more second-year gems like the '62 Billy Williams and '79 Eddie Murray couldn't be ignored either.

Two more Hall of Famers, the '58 Larry Doby and '70 Jim Palmer, got thrown onto the pile, and then there's the amusing '59 Words of Wisdom card. Finally, I struck another '55 Oriole card off my team checklist, Fred Marsh. Note the cartoon on the back. I'm guessing Keith Olbermann knows about this one.  

All for a C-Note.

I had someone else at John's table oohing and aahing over my haul. Nothing against the Heritage set, but this was the better get. Furthermore, considering two hobby boxes of '13 Topps cards would cost even more, I'll take these home every day.

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  1. You did well, I think. I own the Orioles and the '59 but if I could add one of the others to my collection it would be the '62 Billy Williams. The '62 set doesn't get much love but it has a nostalgic appeal to me and that card is no doubt a gem. Great pic, framed perfectly and the added bonus of the trophy.