Sunday, April 28, 2013



MY GO-TO CUP IN '73-'74.

It's the Braves-Tigers interleague matchup tonight on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball and another trip down Slurpee Cup Memory Lane, featuring one of my beloved plastic vessels from 1973.

Growing up in Tampa meant getting lots of Braves games on UHF TV. Milo Hamilton's voice combined with a snowy picture are etched in my memory. While the Braves weren't my favorite team by any stretch, they were the closest major-league outfit so I saw more of their games than any other.

And I remember "Road Runner'' Ralph Garr the most, probably because I was a big Looney Tunes Road Runner cartoon fan. During home games at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, you'd hear the unmistakable "Beep-Beep!'' over the public-address system when he reached base in anticipation of another Garr steal. The minuscule crowds the Braves drew meant all stadium sounds were picked up even on a crappy rabbit-eared TV.

Garr, who played 13 years -- eight with the Braves -- stole 172 bases. He had his best season in '74, leading the majors in hitting with a .353 average and leading the NL in hits with 214 and triples with 17. He made his first and only All-Star team that year. He also led the NL in triples in '75 with 11.

You can tell this was a well-used cup from which I gulped my Hi-C for a quick lift. 


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  1. These cups are cool. I'm going to target the Reggie and Vida cups for my A's PC. Thanks for sharing.