Friday, December 20, 2013


Pausing the TiVo while watching MLB Network's 20 Greatest Games the other day, Phillies-Cubs from 1979, created the above image.

Pretty cool, huh?

Slugger Dave Kingman superimposed on an apartment building across the street from Waveland Avenue while circling the bases. You can't make this up.

Or create it, at least on purpose.

You couldn't make up this wacky and windy Wrigley Field game on May 17 either. Kingman had just cracked his second titanic home run that day in the fourth inning -- his third would rattle a house porch well beyond Waveland. The Cubs would go on to lose 23-22 with the 4-hour and 3-minute nine-inning game voted 20th greatest of all-time by the network in 2011.

The closed-captioning was on, so you can read a bit of Jack Brickhouse's call below the image. He had a lot to call that afternoon: 45 runs on 50 hits with 22 left on base, 15 for the Phillies.

Interesting facts from the game: Three pitchers who saw action would close out a World Series in the '80s: Tug McGraw ('80), Bruce Sutter ('82) and Willie Hernandez ('84); only two Hall of Famers played (Mike Schmidt and Sutter); a reliever (Donnie Moore) and first baseman (Bill Buckner) had pivotal roles in the memorable '86 postseason; and Phillies starter Randy Lerch homered in the Phillies' seven-run first but didn't make it out of the bottom half.

But Kingman was king on this day as the image clearly indicates.

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