Friday, February 14, 2014


Pitchers and catchers are reporting for duty. Have you done yours for Valentine's Day?

Hint, hint: Did you remember your sweetie? When you're done in the card aisle at Target or Walmart today, better stroll over to that other card aisle if you haven't already. 

Might want to get Herr a Red Rose. Candiotti and Flowers are options, too.

In addition to baseball, I Hart Yu, Sweet Darling Angel. The only thing better than watching the game live, is watching it with my wife. I love collecting cards, but it's only complete when I share my finds with her. It might not be the sacred bond, but baseball bonds us, just as it did with my mom and dad.

You get the idea. Love and baseballs are in the air.

There's a lot to love about the game. I mean, it's played on a diamond, the eternal symbol of love. The code "1-4-3" can mean "I Love You" or a pitcher-to-second-to-first double play. The object of baseball is to get on and score, and who doesn't have fond memories of scoring for the first time? Hell, Meat Loaf performed an 8-plus-minute opus connecting baseball with hooking up. 

Hint, hint, hint: Get her in the mood tonight by watching Bull Durham together.

Baseball is a game that will break your heart, too, just like love. Everyone with a favorite team has stories about loss, heart-piercing loss. Mine's the '69 Orioles, the best team that didn't win the World Series. The Mets trampled on my heart that October, and I've never fully gotten over it. Fortunately, I moved on because, well, you can't stay 7 forever.

But today is about love, not loss, this manufactured holiday to grease the economy and unleash thousands of floral deliverymen onto the roads with sweaty palms and a lead foot. Grab your love, pull her close and give her a big kiss.

Now put down your prized card and do the same to your significant other.

Palmer-to-Johnson-to-Powell forever, Honey!

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  1. Brilliance!

    And, I agree. I love sharing my sports card "finds" with Mrs. K, and she gets a kick out of seeing them.