Friday, March 28, 2014


The last wax box I opened was 1992 Donruss, long before autographs, memorabilia cards and box-toppers were the standard pearls among the oysters. 

Two 1965 Topps Heritage boxes arrived at my address last week, and I have to admit the excitement of pulling my first ever autographed card was a motivating factor behind the purchase, even more than making a dent in the 500-card set.

Let's get the box toppers out of the way first, for those interested in such things.

Really don't know what to think about these. Maybe, what do you do with them? 

The big hit of the first box was ...

A swatch of sanitary sock that looks like a gauze pad? For the love of God. This does not make the heart flutter like one of R.A. Dickey's pitches, even if it's "game-used.'' Maybe the next box will have a Josh Johnson ACE bandage relic card. No offense to those who covet these sorts of things, but compared to an autograph of a nobody, I'm taking the scribble every day and twice on Tuesdays. 

This chrome and refractor parallels were among those first packs, and they are gorgeous, so that was salve for my wounded expectations. Besides, building the set is the goal here.

About halfway into the second box, I got a double heaping of chrome in a single pack.

Look at how the refractor technology enhances Harp's hair, the shine, the body, the ridges. It also makes the Brylcreem look like it's literally seeping to the card's surface. 

Finally, the moment I -- and maybe you -- have waited for:

Not that. Although, it was in the same pack as this:

My first ever autograph pull, Bill Virdon, '55 NL Rookie of the Year with the Cardinals. He was one of my dad's favorite players after being traded to the Pirates in '56. Virdon also won 995 games during a 13-year managerial career.

Then in one of the last packs as if to make up for the disappointment from the first box: 

Another autograph, this one of a nobody! Not going to lie to you, I need to hit Baseball-Reference to look up Frank Bauman, er, Baumann. Until then, to paraphrase Harry Doyle from Major League, I don't know anything about him, but I'm sure he did a helluva job.

Anybody got another autograph of a nobody to trade for a Dickey gauze pad?

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  1. Fantastic pulls, Dean! Glad you were able to score a pair of autos. And, pretty nifty pair of chromes with the Wacha and Rockabilly Harper.

    I hope you're making satisfactory progress on your set. And, most importantly, I hope you're enjoying the ride...