Monday, June 16, 2014


When you're hell-bent on trying to complete a vintage set as I am with the 1965 Topps release, you can develop tunnel vision when going to card shows.

I broke free of that somewhat at the June show last weekend.

Oh, I still picked up a '65, this beauty of a Jim "Catfish'' Hunter rookie, but I got some other goodies from main man John Bucci's bargain box.

Headlining the magnificent seven is that '56 Topps Duke Snider. Upon first gaze, I thought the deep discount was a mistake but then saw the varicose veins. Merely a ding on a Lamborghini Balboni. 

And quickly sold.

I'm going to feature Vada Pinson in a future post and couldn't pass his near-perfect second-year '59.

Denny McLain is a favorite rebel of The Cardboard Examiner, so adding his classic '67 was easy.

I've been on the lookout for a '61 Dick Groat for a while now. My little Autos from the Archives project involves pairing the autographed card from the '12 Archives subset with the original. Groat's '61 is card No. 1 of that Topps set -- he was the '60 NL MVP for the world champs -- and you can see some rubber-band damage from being handled in that manner.

Finally, here are two leaders cards featuring Bob Veale and Jim O'Toole, and, of course, Sandy Koufax. Never a fan of the decapitation orientation, I still found that '62 irresistible, with the mustard yellow background and ketchup red shield hearkening a summer cookout with the ballgame playing on a transistor.

I now will resume Pursuing the Pennants, one card closer at 86.5 percent complete.

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