Friday, October 24, 2014


Knowing when to zoom in or out can be the difference between a memorable or forgettable image. It's one of many elements that go into the composition of a photo.

Combined with simplifying the scene and filling the frame, this Don Mattingly Collector's Choice card from 1994 might be worth only a few pennies but a thousand words. 

This is baseball in a pastoral sense, an image you'd professionally frame and turn into 24x36-inch wall hanging. It's more than a man-cave photo; it's gallery worthy for the snooty wine-and-cheese set.

It could've been tightly cropped into a vertical and been just another follow-through shot, emphasizing Matttingly's expression and his customary eye black. 

Lucky for us, it was given the landscape treatment, capturing a moment on a sun-splashed afternoon at the park. It's no stretch to say it could be silhouetted and made into the new MLB logo.

"Saturday in the park
I think it was the Fourth of July.''

Sorry, but that Chicago song plays on a loop when gazing at this card.

The Collector's Choice logo is a bit large, but the position icon counterbalances it nicely. Clean name and team typography don't detract. The subtle horizontal pinstriping is another masterstroke of understatement.

It makes my Wall of Fame. What about yours?


  1. Couldn't agree more. Far too much close-cropping in card photos these days. I understand why Panini does it lest a single logo sneak by, but Topps has no excuse.

  2. Beautiful card. Definitely Wall of Fame worthy.