Saturday, February 28, 2015





I love associating uniform numbers with baseball players, as in who's the first player you think of when you see a certain number?

2 Derek Jeter 

27 Juan Marichal

15 Thurman Munson

The significance? On Friday, my wife and I autographed about a million house-closing documents and dated each 2/27/15. We bought a cabin and soon will move from South Florida to Western North Carolina. 

If you've ever bought a home (our third), closing day is an exercise in shuffling paperwork and progressively deteriorating penmanship. Fortunately, we avoided paper cuts but developed temporary cases of crossed eyes.

You'll never begrudge baseball players from walking away from a mob of autograph-seekers after surviving closing day. If you're interested in reading about this life-changing decision and see more photos than you need to of our cabin and property, hop over to my Facebook page

Another curious thing about the numbers 2/27/15: In my first pack of 2015 Topps cards purchased a couple weeks ago, I pulled 

Those numbers again. 

Flying to N.C., signing documents and PDFing left little time to scan cards and comment. As you can imagine, that won't change in the coming months when between selling our home here and packing will leave even less time. I will attempt to post occasionally.

When we're settled in among the mountains and bears, I expect to regularly post again, in between searching for a new career.

2 Jeter

27 Marichal

15 Munson 

I won't soon forget that day and combination.

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