Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Always like the way vintage cards look fanned out. There's something artsy about it. 

''I'll see your Denny McLain and raise you a Tony Oliva.''

Oliva whacked six homers off McLain in only 80 at-bats, slugging .625.

"One Willie Stargell beats a Gaylord Perry.''

Pops batted .343 with seven homers and 21 RBI in 109 plate appearances against the Wet One. 

I don't play cards. I collect them. Still, maybe the next time sorting some '65s, I'll tug my vintage O's cap by my eyebrows and slip on a pair of cheap sunglasses while displaying a fake deadpanned look. 

These magnificent seven were purchased Saturday at the monthly card show. Because of my impending move, I haven't had much time for cards, so it was a pleasant respite. It also might have been the last card show I attend for a while. Unsure if Western North Carolina is into baseball cards. 

I know it's into the mountain lifestyle, which I'm gambling will suit me.

So to finish this full-house of a set -- which I'm a little over 80 percent there -- I'll likely have to do it over the Internet/mail. With money in short supply in the near and perhaps long term, the chances of having to fold 'em are good.

Maybe this Joker can pull a few from his sleeve in the end.

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