Wednesday, October 21, 2015


As a cyclist, you're always looking for new riding pals. Since moving up to Western North Carolina, I've met several whom I now consider good friends with which to explore this outdoor wonderland.

Then there's Sandy Alomar Jr., the 1990 AL Rookie of the Year, six-time AL All-Star catcher and older brother of Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar.

OK, I haven't exactly met Sandy, currently the first-base coach for the Indians, or hit the road with him, but through the ap Strava, we follow each other's two-wheeled exploits.

Strava is like Facebook for cyclists, runners and hikers but so much more. It's basically a hopped-up GPS. It tracks your speed, mileage, heart rate and elevation gain in addition to measuring best times over designated segments against other cyclists. After downloading a ride, followers can see what you've been up to. Similar to the "like'' in Facebook, Strava followers give "kudos'' and/or comment.

After I started following Alomar, he reciprocated a short while later.


Nice! Sandy Alomar Jr is following you on Strava

Hey Dean,
Whoa, you're kind of a big deal! Sandy Alomar Jr is now following you on Strava. You already follow Sandy Alomar Jr. Let's show him what you can do.
Go get 'em.
— Your friends at Strava
I have to say I was pretty flattered to get that email. Then, a few weeks later:


Sandy Alomar Jr
Gave you Kudos!

Hey Dean,
Great job out there, Sandy Alomar Jr gave you kudos on Montreat Treat with Kevin
Keep it up,
— Your friends at Strava
He really is following me! Wheel cool!

Alomar began cycling three years ago as a way to stay in shape with a sport that's friendly on an ex-catcher's knees. As cyclists, we're brothers, if only linked through the Internet.

Incidentally, Barry Bonds is active on Strava. I'm following his cycling exploits, too. In time, maybe he'll join my ever-expanding peloton of real and virtual riding compadres.

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